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Green Ties And Bow Ties

Green doesn’t have to be plain if you’re planning a green-themed wedding. Allow shades and patterned detail to give the ordinary some character.


Pink And Navy

Proper? Preppy? Playful? Plan your wedding by colour. This palette has multiple personalities – just pick a pattern and tie one on. Whether your groom’s style is fashion-forward or completely classic, there’s something here to suit his taste.

Good Heavens Necktie Collection

The concept for Good Heavens began with a love of cotton, print and neckties. Inspired by their grandfathers’ sartorial inclinations they set about designing a range of cotton ties which reflects their sensibilities and produced a selection made from their widely sourced collection. Anything from Shweshwe to Liberty Lawn. Proudly designed and crafted in Cape Town, South Africa. View the rest of the collection at