Making fairytale weddings come true.

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A Formal Affair

Cuff links may just be a guy’s only shot at putting on “fun” jewellery. Seize the day with a unique design element or a nod to a favourite hobby. The Details (from left): Cartier rose gold. Kwiat diamond, onyx, and platinum. Wedgwood black jasper and gold horse-head. Dunhill gold-plated brass (


Wedding Cake Centrepiece

Instead of a floral centrepiece, Christina and Peter of Oakville, California graced each table setting with a wedding cake at their reception. Homemade sugar flowers topped each centrepiece cake. On each cake, an embossed outer layer of Valrhona white chocolate covered a coating of white-chocolate buttercream. The baker used organic ingredients to create two flavours for the cake layers inside: chocolate butter cake filled with an espresso Bavarian cream, and lemon pound cake filled with lemon sabayon. So gorgeous!

Wedding Etiquette

To some couples, omitting wives’ first names feels too old-fashioned; including the first names of both husband and wife after their titles is appropriate. The house number, even though it is less than 20, can be written as a numeral for a less-formal feeling. And in keeping with a more personal style, the couple are addressed by their first names on the inner envelope.

Different Last Names
When a husband and wife have different last names, the wife’s name is traditionally written first. Connecting the couple’s names by the word “and” implies marriage. For an unmarried couple that lives together, names should be written on separate lines without the word “and.” On the inner envelope, both are addressed by their titles and respective last names.

Sugar and Spice

With their sugar-brushed flower petals and their fragrant, rose-flavoured glaze, these delicate cupcakes are pretty in pink. On the inside, jewels of candied ginger are hidden in a zesty ginger cake that’s just sweet enough to make you, well, blush.

A Special Scent

If you’re planning a rustic or a purple themed wedding, this idea is perfect! Give your name seating cards a special scent by tying together lavender bunches from a local farm with calligraphed name tags.

Maxine for Martha Stewart Weddings

Beautiful photography by photographer Anna Rosa Krau for Maxine’s Martha Stewart Weddings shoot. View more of her portfolio at

The Tailored Bow

Here’s a wedding hairstyle that needs no introduction since the indelible Lady Gaga recently helped make the tailored hair bow one of the latest worldwide trends. Wrap and fasten hair into a bow-shape up high or closer to the nape of the neck. The tailored bow style works best for wedding dresses with vintage or modern simplicity, as this look is definitely a showpiece!

Unique Wedding Table Numbers

Featured here are some delightfully unique ways of displaying wedding table numbers and adding interest to your table setting. From table numbers painted onto hang tags tied to oversize helium balloons, to fresh German chamomile in a jar, wrapped in a white paper bag tied with a tag, to each table named after a city of significance, to a table number embroidered onto ribbon encircling the the largest box, all of which are topped with flowers to create a beautiful centrepiece, to table numbers stenciled onto pebbles, to small pieces of distressed wood, calligraphed with significant Italian words, to golden vessels bearing silver number stickers to create a glimmering display, and to stencilled large numbers onto runners that extend over the end of each table.

Pink Stripe Layer Cake

Most confections show their stripes only after they’ve been cut. This one from M. Robin Cakes gets the point across sans knife. Wondering where the frosting is hiding? The answer is inside. The outer layers of sponge cake are filled with mousses of different flavours, such as passion fruit and white chocolate. To drive the design home, display your dessert alongside flutes of bubbly, alternating Champagne with rose.

Stripe Streamer Backdrop

This eye-catching backdrop is one of the most effective and cost effective. It’s made from unfurled rolls of crepe paper, which is insanely affordable and light enough to hang from the ceiling with painters’ tape. It comes in 34 hues. Enlist it to create a ceremony marker or dress up a bare wall.  Crepe paper featured here by Paper Mart.