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The Royal Wedding, 19 May 2018, St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in England

Circle Seating

If you’ve chosen to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, you are not just limited to the typical “chair and two altar arrangements” that frequent most outdoor wedding ceremonies. You have many gorgeous options available to you:  drapery, arches, seating arrangements and more. Circular seating offers a new dimension to outdoor weddings that you couldn’t create with an indoor wedding ceremony. With an ornate canopy, the seating arrangement lends itself as additional décor to the area.


Cherry Blossom-Inspired Wedding Venue

Set against a grove of ‘Kwanzan’ trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, these reception tables were kept purposely informal (complete with mismatched white chairs) and intimate (tables of no more than 10 seats for conversational ease) as a counterpoint to the formality and expansiveness of the garden. So pretty!

Love Makes The World Go ‘Round

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and are lucky to have a large space, then hiring a carousel would be great fun for your guests and make for beautiful memories and photography! Although this would be a spectacular addition to your wedding you need to bear in mind that it takes about 6 hours to set up and dismantle.

Let Your Wedding Venue Blossom

Allow nature to help arrange your special day. A magical place to plight your troth. Birdsong, arches of cherry blossoms in spring and summer, golden leaves in autumn, wood smoke and wide skies in winter. Who would have thought a cherry blossom orchard would offer a wedding venue for all seasons?