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Gorgeous Greens



One of the biggest wedding trends for 2016 is greenery and minimal blooms. Both rustic and glam weddings will be incorporating fresh green foliage, from aisle decorations to table garlands. The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is an aromatic filler with a long vase life and is a perfect filler for any wedding bouquet, table centrepiece or flower arrangement.


DIY Floral Napkin Ring & Place Card


Flowers and weddings go hand in hand—and there’s plenty of ways to incorporate blooms into your décor beyond bouquets and centerpieces. These fresh floral napkin rings will help guests find their seats at your reception by doubling as place cards!

Materials: Steel rings, scissors, floral tape, fresh flowers (showcased here are spray roses, solidago, billy balls, aster and greenery), string or twine, and craft glue.


Step 1: Prep your flowers by removing any excess leaves from the stem. Cut the stems down to 1 to 2 inches. Gently remove any wilting petals from the spray roses as well.


Step 2: Beginning with the greenery, attach a spring to the steel ring using floral tape. Start at the end of the stem and wrap it around the steel ring to about 1/2 inch up the stem. Stretch the tape as you are wrapping it around the ring to activate the adhesive quality of the tape. Tip: look for natural curves in the stems of the flowers and greenery and follow those curves when attaching the steel ring. This will help keep your design in line with the circular shape of the ring.


Step 3: Continue this process with the other flowers on hand, again attaching each stem to the ring with floral tape.


Step 4: Finish the napkin ring by adding additional greenery around the remainder of the ring (including the bottom half) using floral tape. Cover any areas that have exposed tape with small bits of greenery and a dab of glue.

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Step 5: Attach small nameplates to each napkin ring with string. Nameplates can be made very easily with a home printer and 1/2″ circle punch.


Step 6: The finished product!


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Origami Chopstick Holders


This do-it-yourself origami chopstick holder tutorial featured on is perfect if you’re planning an Oriental-themed wedding. It also allow you the liberty in using beautiful patterned and colourful wrapping paper to showcase your special day.


1. Start with a perfect square of paper. With the white side facing you, fold in half and unfold.


2. Now fold the top and bottom edges over to the centre.


3. Crease well and unfold.


4. Fold the bottom right-hand corner to meet the centre fold.


5. Fold the upper right-hand corner in to meet the upper fold.


6. Now fold the top quarter downwards.


7. Fold downwards once more.


8. Fold the bottom quarter up.


9. Seal the end by folding it over twice, turn over and insert your chopsticks, cutlery or straws.


Bunny Place Card Holders

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Sweet set of 6 cottontails dressed up with gilded paws guide guests to their assigned seats. A magnet closure allows you to pull them apart to slide place cards in. Available exclusively from BHLDN.

Elegant Charm


If you’re a lover of anemones, try recreating this charming arrangement. They’re stunning in a simple glass surrounded by dusty miller, white hyacinth and rosemary. Perfect for the pastel wedding.

Elegant Detailing


Think about details in everything, like china and linen patterns. Hand calligraphy gives wedding stationery a touch of old-fashioned
etiquette. “Simple has been done before,” said wedding planner Kasey Skobel-Conyers. “Think Old City. People need a new idea of what chic can be.”

Inspiring Place Setting

Having the opportunity to sit down with every guest on your wedding night is a rarity. This beautiful place setting is simple, yet inspiring and meaningful. Write a personalised note to every guest and place it on their place setting. In this way you are able to share your thankfulness to them for sharing your special day.

Wedding Cake Centrepiece

Instead of a floral centrepiece, Christina and Peter of Oakville, California graced each table setting with a wedding cake at their reception. Homemade sugar flowers topped each centrepiece cake. On each cake, an embossed outer layer of Valrhona white chocolate covered a coating of white-chocolate buttercream. The baker used organic ingredients to create two flavours for the cake layers inside: chocolate butter cake filled with an espresso Bavarian cream, and lemon pound cake filled with lemon sabayon. So gorgeous!

A Special Scent

If you’re planning a rustic or a purple themed wedding, this idea is perfect! Give your name seating cards a special scent by tying together lavender bunches from a local farm with calligraphed name tags.

Unique Wedding Table Numbers

Featured here are some delightfully unique ways of displaying wedding table numbers and adding interest to your table setting. From table numbers painted onto hang tags tied to oversize helium balloons, to fresh German chamomile in a jar, wrapped in a white paper bag tied with a tag, to each table named after a city of significance, to a table number embroidered onto ribbon encircling the the largest box, all of which are topped with flowers to create a beautiful centrepiece, to table numbers stenciled onto pebbles, to small pieces of distressed wood, calligraphed with significant Italian words, to golden vessels bearing silver number stickers to create a glimmering display, and to stencilled large numbers onto runners that extend over the end of each table.