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Delish! Macaron Case

Spoil your bridesmaids or guests with these mouth-watering trinket macaron cases which vary in an array of pretty pastel shades! Perfect for stashing jewellery, pins, spare change, makes a great pill case or party favour, too. 2.25″ diameter. Ceramic. Complete with a hinged lift-up lid. Pick your favourite or collect them all. Available from Style number: SKU # 26008193

Endless Summer Blooming Tea

You may have seen blooming teas in the news, at parties or even in the movie Marie Antoinette as they are quickly catching on as the latest craze. Super fine tea and floral ingredients are crafted and tied into a beautiful tea bundle that blooms into a gorgeous display right before your eyes during steeping. It’s hard to imagine the control and bouquet that these tea artists can create with blooming teas. These tea buds add extra interest and beauty to your wedding day, as well as make beautiful wedding favours.

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Send-Off Shakers

Send-off shakers are a great way to wish the bride and groom well as they go on their way to honeymoon. To make the shakers festive and interesting, use ribbon hues the same colour as your wedding theme, some plain and some patterned.

Meteor Merlot

Looking for the perfect wedding favour to compliment your black and white themed wedding? Meteor Merlot, designed by WORK Labs, is unlike any wine bottle. The deep black bottle is covered in a random array of white constellations, creating a splatter paint effect. What makes each bottle unique is that due to the way the bottles are manufactured, no two bottles are the same. Also, the design is printed on the entire bottle for a flowing, uninterrupted design. According to,“The 360 degree print on the Merlot bottle is the only one we’ve ever seen that covers 100% of the bottle.”

Modern Décor: Air Plants

Air plants are hardy, small plants that typically grow without soil. When displayed, they have a very minimalist look that is perfect for modern centrepieces. The best part: since they are live plants (not cut stems) you can keep them long after your wedding or give them to guests as favours. They require very little care, just submerge them in water for 1– 2 hours per week. They can survive for two weeks without water, perfect if you lack a green thumb. Featured here: 1. Apartment Therapy, 2. To Hold, 3. Tortoise Loves Donkey.

Vintage Teacup Wedding Favours

Fully enjoying the idea of using vintage style teacups filled with flowers as wedding favours. You can collect tea cups from second hand stores and either drop them off at your wedding florist or make it a fun DIY project. They really do look quite sharp when paired with the simple yet elegant calligraphy escort cards.

Bag And Tag Favour And Seating Name Card

Just pair a tag and a bag, with whatever goodies you choose inside, for an easy and economical favour that also serves as a seating card.

Sweet Pea Favours And Name Seating Cards

For cute place settings that will grow and grow on your guests, fill tiny packets with the seeds of your favourite flower and stitch them onto simply printed seating cards.

Succulent Favours And Seating Name Card

Name cards, tucked into succulents in white tea bowls, positioned on moss-coloured linen napkins and white plates makes for a perfect favour and seating name card.

Mini Booklet Favours And Seating Name Cards

Petite handmade coral and aqua quotation books filled with favourite sayings about life and love serve as seating name cards and favours worth saving.