Floral Scoop

by meandyoulookbook

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The seventh issue of one of my favourite magazines, Kinfolk was an ode to ice cream and a celebration of the spring season, focusing on those shared loves that bring us together: the enjoyment of food, friends, family and time spent in community whether around the table or out-of-doors.

“This issue is an ode to ice cream. Much of what we’d like to cover with Kinfolk is related to food, community and the social elements of entertaining, so naturally ice cream is an appropriate theme—few things are as successful at bringing us together. It makes us abandon our differences for the greater, sugary, creamy goodness that it is. We explore its origins, reminisce about ice cream affairs from when we were kids and experiment with recipes… Crack the spine, sit back and enjoy this round with a cone or bowl of something cold.” — Editor Nathan Williams

These floral scoop bouquets are a great idea to add more cheer to your melting moment!

Photographs by Parker Fitzgerald Styling by Amy Merrick Art Direction by Nathan Williams