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Month: May, 2013

Anna Sheffield’s Hazeline Solitaire



It looks like a diamond and feels like a diamond yet it is not quite a diamond.

As a tribute to her grandmother, Anna Sheffield designed her first bridal ring with a solid metal gemstone. The smooth, faceted surface echoes that of the classic solitaire. The typical sparkle of a stone is replaced with the unexpected, gleaming sheen of rich, polished metal. Diamond pave lights up the ring’s shank while a tiny, secret champagne diamond hides underneath, for the wearer’s eyes only.

Rose Gold, pave diamond and .13ct champagne diamond Hazeline Solitaire, by Anna Sheffield, $1,100


Twenties Roar Again At Tiffany & Co.

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Tiffany & Co.’s two new collections are not only inspired by the glamour and allure of the 1920s, but also The Great Gatsby, whose big screen adaptation is set for release May 10, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire in the three lead roles. After all, the iconic jewelry brand designed all of the jewelry made in the film.

The Ziegfeld Collection was inspired by the grand, one-of-a-kind jewels featured in the upcoming film, as well as pieces from the Tiffany archives. From tassel necklaces to drop earrings to men’s cufflinks, each item is crafted with the utmost sophistication, evoking a romantic, old school glamour. With a baby blue ribbon chain, the heart-shaped Daisy locket is especially feminine. Slide on the Pearl and Onyx ring for a black-tie wedding in Newport this summer. Other Art Deco touches seen throughout the collection include sterling silver and plenty of ropes and pearls intertwined with diamonds and precious gems.

Even more exclusive is The Great Gatsby Collection, a small, rare grouping of jewels used in the film. This collection will be sold mostly at Tiffany & Co.’s New York City flagship. The Zeigfeld Collection, however, is available at Tiffany & Co. stores throughout the country, including the one at Copley Place. Many of these jewels are featured in the 2013 Tiffany Blue Book (such as the pearl tassel necklace), with some of the extraordinary gems fetching seven-figure prices. Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave., 617-353-0222; 1245 Worcester St., Natick Collection, Natick, 508-647-5915

Article courtesy of Boston Common Magazine by Emma Trotter