Big Beautiful Walk-In Closet

by meandyoulookbook


Every girls’ dream. Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet in Sex And The City.

Having a large walk-in closet (more like a dressing room) is a fantasy shared by many people. A large closet is the one room that, no matter who you live with, you can make entirely your own. If you want to have hot pink walls, carpet and upholstery — you totally can because it’s your domain.

Large, dream-inducing closets are an extension of their occupant and the drool worthy wardrobe inside. Turn a bookshelf into a giant shoe storage show piece featured on a prominent wall. Pay attention to prominent and repeat colours in your wardrobe and use those as the wall colour or accessories to tie the space together. Add a chandelier — why? why not?

These closets don’t happen everyday, so when it’s your chance to go crazy in your closet — don’t hold back because fashion never does!