DIY Green Wedding Boutoniére

by meandyoulookbook

Herbs are casual and aromatic, and perfect for a late summer or autumn wedding. Displayed here are an incorporation of blueberries with lavender thyme, oregano and sage wrapped with a sweet polkadot ribbon for contrast.

1: Start with a leaf stem like sage to be the backbone of your boutonniére. This leaf is just for support. 2. Place taller, lanky herbs such as lavender and rosemary on top of the leaf. It’s alright for them to sit higher than the first leaf. 3. In front, place smaller rounder, herbs like oregano or thyme blossoms or fruit like blueberries. Heavier items always look nicer at the bottom with the leaner stems poking out the top. 4. Secure with floral tape. 5. Wrap the ribbon around the stems several times to disguise the floral tape while leaving a length of ribbon free to tie up the ribbon at the back of the boutonniére.

Created by Chelsea Fuss. Photographed by Lisa Warninger