The Ribbon Braid

by meandyoulookbook

Braided hair is an ornate growing trend. For this style, to incorporate the ribbon into your braid, get a ribbon and place it on your head like you would if you were planning on wearing it as a headband. Instead of lining it up so that the ends are even in the back where you would tie it, align the ends of the ribbon off to one side of your head where your side ponytail would go. Then start braiding down the side of your head. When you get just behind your first ear, pull the ribbon into one strand of your braid and continue braiding as if the ribbon were another strand of your hair. When you reach the other side of your head, just before your other ear, tie the braid off with a hair tie, and tie the ribbon in a bow over it. If you don’t want to incorporate the ribbon into the braid, place the ribbon in the same place, and braid like normal, tucking the ribbon underneath the braid. You can bobby pin it in place if you need to. Then finish the braid off, and tie the ribbon in a bow over the top. Beautiful!