L’Occitane Organic Almond Tonic Body Oil

by meandyoulookbook

I recently discovered my new miracle product. L’Occitane Organic Almond Tonic Body Oil for an invigorated, toned and detoxified body! This 100% natural origin and certified organic body oil effectively fights dry skin, improves skin’s natural tone but also helps boost microcirculation and eliminate toxins, leaving the skin soft, supple, tone and light with a sweet almond fragrance. Its formula combines almond oil, rich in omegas-6, and cameline oil, rich in omegas-3 to help repair the hydro-lipidic barrier for a more supple skin that no longer feels tight. Grapefruit, cypress and geranium essential oils stimulate micro-circulation and accelerate the penetration of active ingredients while red algae extract stimulate waste elimination and bring back feeling of lightness.

This product is ideal for relieving heavy legs during summer and on plane journeys.