Tin Can Floral Arrangements

by meandyoulookbook

Having one simple floral arrangement in a vintage style tin can create a flattering centrepiece to your table top décor. The first task is to hunt down a few vintage style cans. Visit the usual antique and second hand stores, ebay has a ton and you can always inquire with your local vintage rental company.

The featured tin cans are from Found Vintage Rentals. If you do decide to rent, be sure to share that you will be using them as vases. Vintage style tins are usually not water-tight and will require a plastic container or smaller vase to hold the water.

You can either collect all the cans and have your wedding florist create little masterpieces or make them yourself. These perfectly pretty arrangements were designed by Orange County florist, Oak and the Owl.

If you decide to go the DIY route remember to line the cans, after choosing your florals place the flowers next to the container to see how long you want the flowers to be. Cut and place the flowers in the cans. As you can see even simple little arrangements look so stunning in these antique tins.