White Wedding Cakes

by meandyoulookbook

Clockwise from top: BUTTERCREAM: This cake topping is beloved for its rich and, yes, buttery flavour. Keep it in an air-conditioned or refrigerated spot to prevent softening. If it’s below 80 degrees, the frosting will hold up outside for about an hour. MERINGUE: This wispy mix of egg whites and sugar, also known as “seven-minute frosting”, can be smoothed on for a clean, glossy look or applied in peaks. For added flavour (and to help it adhere), spread on a thin layer of buttercream first. FONDANT: When draped over a lightly frosted cake, fondant offers a flawless finish. To decorate it with your monogram, just use a rubber stamp. Fondant holds up well in the heat, but don’t refrigerate it – water spots can form. POWDERED SUGAR: What could be prettier for a winter wedding than a flurry of slices dusted with snowy sugar? With its homespun appeal, this topping would also complement a simple, backyard affair.