What Kind of Bride Are You? The Minimalist.

by meandyoulookbook

Less is always more.

“For those who favour a spare aesthetic, a minimal wedding gown can be utter perfection. A Minimalist adores any version of clean, straightforward design with little or no excess. While her clothes may often appear deceivingly simple, they are frequently anything but. True Minimalism requires a certain complexity of design and detail. It takes a confident individual to look minimal at her own celebration. Because a woman feels her most effusive just before a wedding, the bride who chooses a pared-down affect must maintain the discipline to edit when it can be so easy to add. For the right woman, a subtle wedding gown can make a powerful fashion statement. The unique appeal of a Minimalist lies in her purity of vision and the discipline to follow her convictions.”

– Vera Wang on Weddings.

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