What Kind of Bride Are You? The Modernist.

by meandyoulookbook

Through the eyes of a Modernist the future is now.

“For a Modernist a sense of daring is always implied. Her frame of reference definitely represents an acquired taste, and one that arises from visualizing shapes in ever-changing contexts. Often rigorous or highly exaggerated, it also indicates a style of dress that requires thought. A Modernist design defies convention and frequently provides some rather extreme counterpoints. The wedding pouf I designed contrasts the stiffness of Duchess satin with the fragility of silk tulle. Plus, the collar functions as a hooded veil that rises from the shoulder. Sophisticated, no doubt, it also suggests the unusual blending of transparency and shape. For many, a Modernist’s dress might appear to be more of a concept than something to wear. And, like art, it may not necessarily relate to daily life. It demands great intellect and energy to be a Modernist. A Modernist always looks forward. She is the ultimate nonconformist.”

Vera Wang on Weddings.

Featured wedding gown: A bias Duchess satin pouf with funnel neck and flared sleeves.