Essie Nail Polish Bridal Collection 2012

by meandyoulookbook

Add some awesome to your nuptial with Essie’s colourful bridal polishes. Not everyone is comfortable with colour, which is why the majority of wedding polishes tend to be barely-there pinks and creams. Boring. There’s no reason you can’t wear colour on your digits for your big day. But if you’re hesitant to go for full-blown rainbow hues on your tips, there’s still a way to punch up your polish without stepping too far outside your comfort zone.

Essie’s ’12 Bridal Collection features four creamy, candy-hued polishes to accent your soon-to-have-a-ring-on-it fingers. There’s reflective pink Like To Be Bad, mint green Who Is The Boss, glittery white Instant Hot, and lilac Love & Acceptance. The colours are described as a collection that “celebrates brides who are confident and want to have fun with colour, yet with a nod to tradition.” Sounds about rights! How about you? Would you strut down the aisle in one of these shades?