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Month: April, 2012

Please Inflate Save-The-Date

This save-the-date will guarantee to grab your guest’s attention. It was inspired by Albert Lamorisse’s short film, The Red Balloon. Once inflated, the piece reveals all event information and sets the desired tone with humor and playfulness. Designed by Office Optimist.


Monique Lhuillier Fall 2012 Garland Platinum Collection

There appears to be a new trend for high-low hems as featured here in Monique Lhuillier’s Fall 2012 Garland Platinum Collection. An ivory sweetheart, strapless embellished chantilly corset bodice with natural waist and embroidered organza high-low hem skirt. Garland horsehair sash with embellished ends. Brooke brooch with crystals and embroidery.

Available from

What Kind of Bride Are You? The Minimalist.

Less is always more.

“For those who favour a spare aesthetic, a minimal wedding gown can be utter perfection. A Minimalist adores any version of clean, straightforward design with little or no excess. While her clothes may often appear deceivingly simple, they are frequently anything but. True Minimalism requires a certain complexity of design and detail. It takes a confident individual to look minimal at her own celebration. Because a woman feels her most effusive just before a wedding, the bride who chooses a pared-down affect must maintain the discipline to edit when it can be so easy to add. For the right woman, a subtle wedding gown can make a powerful fashion statement. The unique appeal of a Minimalist lies in her purity of vision and the discipline to follow her convictions.”

– Vera Wang on Weddings.

Featured wedding gown: One-sleeved bias silk jersey ruched column wedding gown.

Christian Louboutin Carnaval 120 Embellished Satin Sandals

Christian Louboutin Carnaval 120 slip on sandals (product 56/337) is made of baby-pink satin, with heels measuring approximately 120 mm, and a crépe disc-embellished heel peep-toe. Available from

New Tuxedo Looks for Stylish Grooms

On your big day, you’ll undoubtedly want your groom looking as dapper as ever. Whether he’s a modern guy or keeps it classic, you can never go wrong with designer quality. At Men’s Wearhouse, you’ll not only find the new, exclusive BLACK by Vera Wang rental tuxedo collection, but you’ll find the perfect look for your man so he looks as elegant and feels as confident as you do.

Consider your groom’s tux style the perfect balance between your wedding’s theme and his fashion sense. To find that sweet spot, get wrapped up in the tux details – from vests and ties to fits and finishing touches – and decide together what’s best.

Here is a little advice to keep in your (or his) back pocket when picking out his wedding-day look:

The coat will set the tone for the entire ensemble. One- and two-button styles are the most popular and will look good on nearly all physiques. If you’re going for a classic look, choose a coat with a peak lapel. Going modern? Choose a notch lapel.

Fit Tip: The shoulder fit is crucial for a clean look. Fortunately, Men’s Wearhouse Formalwear Consultants will make sure his coat fits just right!

Flat-front pants are on-trend. Go with a satin stripe for a traditional look or a grosgrain stripe for a more contemporary take.

Fit Tip: Most men look best with a modest break atop the shoe.

Consider his shirt collar. A dress shirt with a point collar goes with practically any tux style, and a wing collar looks especially great with a bow tie.

Fit Tip: Be sure to get an accurate measure of his neck—not too tight and not too loose. And his shirt cuffs should peek out from his coat sleeves by ½ inch.

Tie on some personality. When it comes to deciding between a vest or cummerbund and a Euro tie or bow tie, let his personal style drive. Just don’t completely ignore the wedding’s colours and theme!

Style Tip: Coordinate the groom’s vest and tie color with the bride’s gown and the groomsmen’s vest and tie colour with the bridesmaid dresses.

Finishing touches will polish his look. So, don’t forget the accessories. We’re talking shoes (classic, black patent), studs, cuff links, and a perfectly folded pocket silk.

Find his style at Men’s Wearhouse.

What Kind of Bride Are You? The Individualist.

Her desire for self-expression transcends all other considerations.

“The Individualist will go to any length to make a deliberate fashion statement. Personal expression is key. Unlike the vast majority of brides, who embrace the convention of a white wedding gown, the Individualist prefers to follow her own dictates, whether that translates into the choice of an unusual colour or a more unexpected silhouette. Her outward appearance reflects her innermost vision and every creative impulse. Headstrong and opinionated, she wears her individuality like a badge of honour. For the Individualist, her wedding attire provides the ultimate forum for self-expression. Although she may not set trends, she is most definitely not a follower. You can always rely on the Individualist to provide a hint of the unexpected.”

– Vera Wang on Weddings.

Featured wedding gown: A hand-embroidered empire silk taffeta-quilted dressing gown with split-panel sleeves and chapel train, worn over a bias silk chiffon slip.

White Floral Cupcakes

Gorgeous cupcakes designed by Cotton & Crumbs for You & Your Wedding magazine.

Vera Pearl Evening Clutch

A plethora of iridescent pearls, shiny gold frame and crystal encrusted closure culminate in an evening bag so stunning, you’ll be RSVP’ing to formal events months in advance. Perfect for Springtime weddings, sunset soirees and moonlit galas, Vera will embellish your ensemble, enhance your glamour and make you the belle of the ball.

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What Kind of Bride Are You? The Modernist.

Through the eyes of a Modernist the future is now.

“For a Modernist a sense of daring is always implied. Her frame of reference definitely represents an acquired taste, and one that arises from visualizing shapes in ever-changing contexts. Often rigorous or highly exaggerated, it also indicates a style of dress that requires thought. A Modernist design defies convention and frequently provides some rather extreme counterpoints. The wedding pouf I designed contrasts the stiffness of Duchess satin with the fragility of silk tulle. Plus, the collar functions as a hooded veil that rises from the shoulder. Sophisticated, no doubt, it also suggests the unusual blending of transparency and shape. For many, a Modernist’s dress might appear to be more of a concept than something to wear. And, like art, it may not necessarily relate to daily life. It demands great intellect and energy to be a Modernist. A Modernist always looks forward. She is the ultimate nonconformist.”

Vera Wang on Weddings.

Featured wedding gown: A bias Duchess satin pouf with funnel neck and flared sleeves.

Behati Prinsloo for Princesse Tam Tam Spring 2012 Campaign by Jan Welters

Princesse Behati. Behati Prinsloo appears as the face of Princesse Tam Tam’s spring 2012 campaign. Captured by Jan Welters, the Victoria’s Secret beauty sports the lingerie label’s sexy designs with a sultry playfulness.