Pomander “Flower Kissing Balls”

by meandyoulookbook

The name ‘pomanders’ is from the French pomme d’ambre or apple of amber – a ball of perfume. Follow this simple tutorial from http://www.pizzazzerie.com and make your very own beautiful flower kissing balls which you can use for your wedding table decorations.

You will need a 4 inch white Styrofoam ball, a Martha Stewart hydrangea punch, 90 – 100 pearl tipped corsage pins and two sheets of scrapbook paper. In this tutorial a pearlised pink paper was used.

STEP ONE: Punch 180 – 200 of the hydrangea petal shapes, which will take around a sheet and a half of 12×12 scrapbook paper. STEP TWO: Curl the edges of the petals upward and to the centre. This will give the flowers some dimension when they are complete. STEP THREE: Stack two of the flower petals and turn them so it looks like a full flower. Stick a corsage pin straight through the centre of your petals. STEP FOUR: Push the end of the pin into the Styrofoam ball, then repeat until your ball is covered.