Pinwheel Cards

by meandyoulookbook

Aren’t these pinwheel cards from just gorgeous? For this project, they used a pretty floral origami paper. Origami works great because there is a different pattern on the front than there is on the back. Follow these simple instructions and make your very own pinwheel cards.

STEP ONE: Cut the origami paper in fourths. STEP TWO: Fold the small square corner to corner in both directions. STEP THREE: Cut along the folded line 2/3 of the way toward the center on all four corners. STEP FOUR: Now you are ready to pin. Take one corner of each cut section and pin them all in the middle of the square then add the strip of paper before pinning it all to a dowel or pencil. STEP FIVE: Depending on how many pinwheels you have, mark the flat wood piece with a pencil about 4 inches apart so you know where to drill the holes. The holes should be the exact size of the stick. It is preferable like that so you can put the pinwheel as high or low as you want and it will hold in place. Drill the holes along the pencil marks.